Tips on Visiting Places in Malatya

Malatya is located in Turkey. It is a scenic place to visit and attracts many tourists all year round. Malatya is known for its beautiful and ancient architecture especially the mosques. Before traveling to Malatya and its neighboring environment, there are a few tips you should know.

Carry out research

Similar to traveling to any new place, it is advisable to do some research online. Familiarize yourself with Malatya. This will help you get the best spots to visit while in Malatya and have an exciting time. Additionally, you need to study a little history regarding Malatya. This city is rich in history and is essential for you to understand some bit of it. It will also help you interact with the local people and have something to talk about too. If you’re on a diet, you can also prepare for certain food restrictions.¬†

Understand the culture in Malatya


Many people assume that all the cities in Turkey are staunch Muslims. This is not the case as most people in Malatya are liberal and allow people to practice their religions. However, Malatya culture puts a lot of focus on honor and proper moral behavior. As a result, it is important for you to know how to conduct yourself in every situation.


For example, when visiting the mosques, you need to move quietly and respectfully since there are always people in prayer. In cases of women, they must wear a headscarf while in such areas. Additionally, it is essential that you avoid talking about politics while in Malatya. This is one of the most sensitive issues in this city where people always have different opinions on most matters. You can come to learn tara brach sleep meditation here too!



Most people in Malatya speak the Zazaki, Kirmanjki or Dimli languages. Due to many tourists in this area, you will find that many local people are fluent in English. However, it is essential for you to learn a few common phrases of the native languages. The local people will appreciate you more if you communicate in their language. You could end up getting a free coffee. Moreover, it will make you seem approachable and interested in learning their culture.

Dress code


As much as Malatya is highly populated with Muslims, there are no restrictions on dressing fashionably. You will find a lot of women dressed conservatively while others in heels and short dresses. You can come up with your style which will help you blend in with the locals. However, you should purchase a headscarf and carry it with you in your handbag. This will come in handy especially when visiting areas in Malatya that are more conservative or when visiting a mosque. Your hair needs to remain covered.

The food


Malatya has some of the greatest and endless cuisines in Turkey. Both vegetarians and meat lovers and fully catered for. When having your meals, consume little portions of different foods. This will give you a chance to enjoy all of the food available. Additionally, you can also go for street foods such as sweet bread which is a cheaper option and still delicious.